Game Engine: Far Cry 4 Map Editor
Level Type: Singleplayer
Gametypes: Assault



Hope Compound was created for the Hope County Map Jam contest from Ubisoft. The premise of which was to "... highlight your vision of the Far Cry 5 setting: in gameplay, level design, and/or visual." At the end of the judging period Hope Compound was the 4th highest rated map on PC.

My idea for the map was to create a home base for the fanatical, gun-loving cult of Far Cry 5. The objective is to kill all the enemies in the map. After players gear up with their desired weapons they can take the ATV down the road where the path splits. Like all Far Cry outposts, they are given two options for how to confront the base: stealth or guns-blazing. The stealth approach takes players through a broken fence where they can plan and survey the campsite from above. The assault approach leads players through a guard post and within full view of snipers. After dealing with the enemies in the campsite, players can make their way up the road and resupply at the large golden altar. And if they missed any enemies below they can make quick use of a zipline that leads to a great sniper perch.