Devil's Wreath

Devil's Wreath is one of the more unique outposts on Hossin. It consists of three capture points, two have small bases and the third is within the tower. Most large outposts are open to attack from all directions, this outpost was designed to only allow players to assault from one direction, taking each capture point in sequence. Attacking vehicles will push their way up the spiral road and defenders will try to push the enemy's front line back down the mountain. Infantry players can take the jump pads up and down the back side of the mountain to bypass the road. There is a gate shield between the first and second capture points that attackers will have to neutralize before they can move up. There are also many anti-air turrets that will discourage an aerial assault.


Mulac Tech Plant

Mulac Tech Plant is one of the facility bases on Hossin. Mulac is surrounded by a deep trench on three sides so there are bridges along two sides of the plant. Tech Plant towers have multiple anti-vehicle turrets that make it hard for tanks and Sunderers to get close so the bridges have armored ceilings to pretect them. Each facility also has three satellite outposts surrounding it. In this case the Mulac Southern Barracks, Mulac Guardhouse, Mulac Supply Depot. Satellite outposts are designed to move players through to the facility as fast as possible while still being easily defensible.


Wainwright Armory

Wainwright Armory is a very defensible outpost. The only only ways to get inside are to go through the front gate or to drop in from the sky. Once attackers get through the front gate there is a lot of room for firefights. Infantry may fight their way into one of the buildings and shut down the gate generator, thus allowing vehicles to enter the outpsost. Attacking infantry may also choose to go straight for the capture point, but it will be difficult for attackers to take. The capture area has a lot of cover and a high vantage overlooking the paths up to it.


ORM Scrap and Salvage

ORM Scrap and Salvage was designed to be a very small, close quarters combat play space. The large shield and buildings completely isolate this outpost from all vehicle fire. The capture point is in the center of a pit that has abundant cover, however it is also ringed by a walkway that adds a second level to the combat space.


NS Supply Station

The idea behind NS Supply Station was to force players to choose one of two specific paths to get to their objective. Players starting at the spawn point will get to choose between two jump pads that lead in different directions and players coming from the road will have to choose which road to take. The jump pads take players on top of the buildings and leave them exposed to enemies and aircraft, however they can also choose to take the longer path by navigating through the center area that has more cover. Players that are defending the capture point will have to guard four different entrances from attackers.